On July 23, Loko played the first control match in the course of pre-season training - in Mytishchi against MHC Atlant.

Of course, this meeting was of particular interest, since it was the first for Yaroslav Lyuzenkov as the head coach of our youth team. In this game, the mentors of his coaching staff could already begin work on the assessment of wards in conditions close to those that occur in official matches.

As part of the Yaroslavl team for the reporting duel, there was only one debutant of the MHL - forward Ilya Koloyarov. All the rest have already played in the youth league for Loko or Loko-76. At the same time, the experience of the goalkeeper team - Nikolai Nikulshin and Alexander Vladychek - at this level was rather nominal - none of them had yet played a full match in the MHL.

In the first period, besides a truly summer hockey with an abundance of mutual mistakes, but a very great desire, it was possible to note the minimum number of pauses: the teams "fit" in 23 minutes of "dirty" time. As for the substantive part, Nikulshin entered the game a little more often than his counterpart Kornilov and, as it seemed from the outside, shots on target at the Loko goal were a little more dangerous.

In the first half of the second game segment, the "railwaymen" had a slight territorial advantage, and it was Loko´s players who got the first majority. Yaroslavl played for 33 seconds in a 5-on-3 format and just at this balance of power they created the first really dangerous moment - Korostelev threw after a good cross pass, but Kornilov managed to move and rescued the Mytishchi team. his team to fight back, and in the 10th minute gave way to Prokofiev on the ice. A couple of minutes later, the hosts already got the majority and were able to use it - Dmitriev, being in the center of the zone, successfully put his stick under the throw from the blue line, 1:0. Of course, the Yaroslavl team were forced to move on to more active actions in the attack, seized the initiative again, but created a moment only in the very end - Korablev lacked a few centimeters to send the puck over the line.

In the third period, Loko´s players attacked a lot, but in half a period they could only load the goalkeeper of Atlanta, but he did not have to save the owners of the ice. At the same time, Oleksandr Vladychek, who appeared at Loko´s goal towards the end of the second period, was also forced to remain tense, because the Atlanteans periodically dangerously counterattacked. And yet, the number of Loko´s attacks turned into quality: on the 12th minute, Ivan Pirogov, having connected to the center of the zone, received a pass from Vladimir Korablev and accurately threw it under the crossbar, 1:1. Having achieved success, the Loko players continued to attack, but they failed to hit the opponent´s goal again, including during one more period in the majority.

The game went into overtime. In the additional segment, the owners of the ice had a little more counterattacks, and as a result, 13 seconds before the siren, Churkin, who ran away "1 to 0", brought Atlanta a victory.

1:2- Loko lost to MHC Atlant in the control match.

Ahead of Yaroslav Lyuzenkov´s team is a week of trainings in Yaroslavl, and the following games "railwaymen" will play a tournament in St. Petersburg.

Photo on the main page: press service of the MHC "Atlant"


MHC "Atlant" (Moscow region) - "Loko" (Yaroslavl) - 2:1 OT (0:0, 1:0, 0:1, 1:0)

July 23, 2022. Arena Mytishchi.

Goals scored: 1:0 - Dmitriev (Zakharov, Nekrasov, 32:46, ball): 1:1 - Pirogov (Korablev, Korostelev, 51:43); 2:1 - Churkin (Kritsyn, 64:47)

Best players of the game: Daniil Kornilov, Kirill Dmitriev (both - MHC Atlant), Ivan Pirogov (Loko)

MHC "Atlant": Kornilov (Prokofiev, 29:03-65:00); Dmitriev - Nekrasov, Sachkov - Zakharov - Kritsyn; Petrakov - Golovchenko, Seleznev - Sabunin - Churkin; Kwon - Belov, Kovalev - Shcherbatov - Sapa; Petrov - Lomtev, Egoshin - Chizhov - Volokhov

Loko: Nikulshin (Vladychek, 35:58 - 65:00); Vasiliev - Pirogov, Konov - Akhunov - Il. Nazarov; Kamushkin - Labutkin, Nazarov D. - Korablev - Korostelev; Saveliev - Lukashevich, Zykov-Rogovsky - Koloyarov; Karpov - Ulyev, Varlamov - Yabelov - Maltsev